The private nonprofi t institution «Museum and Exhibition Center for Technical and Technological Development of the Arctic» (abbreviated to «The Arctic Museum and Exhibition Center») was established in April 2017 to implement in St. Petersburg a project of a modern interactive museum and exhibition center dedicated to the history of economic development in the Arctic.

The Center carries out work on the search, conservation and restoration of polar technology, conducts research and publishing activities aimed at studying the history of the development of the Russian Arctic.


An important activity of the Arctic Museum and Exhibition Center is the creation of a branch network of small museums in the Arctic. The fi rst project underway is the creation of a museum and exhibition complex on the basis of the Tikhaya Bay polar station, Hooker Island, Franz-Josef Land. With the funds and forces of the Arctic Museum and Exhibition Center in cooperation with the Russian Arctic National Park, the aircraft hangar (which was built in 1932–33 during the wintering under the guidance of I.D. Papanin), is being restored.

The staff of the Arctic Museum and Exhibition Center in cooperation with the branch of the Museum of the World Ocean in St. Petersburg «Icebreaker Krassin»; hold the annual international scientifi c-practical conference «Polar Readings», speak at scientifi c conferences and give lectures, write scientifi c and popular science articles and books on the history of the Arctic, participating in exhibition projects.


– in 2017 and 2018 two expeditions to the Tikhaya Bay (Hooker island, Franz-Josef Land), were conducted. During the expeditions repair and restoration work was carried out at a number of objects (aircraft hangar, conservation of technics and related structures);

– international conferences were held («Polar Readings – 2017. Arctic in a museums and a museums in the Arctic»; «Polar Readings – 2018. Technique and technologies in the history of the Arctic exploration». A Presidential grant was received to hold the conference «Polar Readings – 2019. Governmental organizations and NGO in the management of the Arctic. Past, Present, Future»);

– three books were published by the researchers of the Arctic Museum and Exhibition Center for the period 2017–2018. («The Fantastic Arctic: the future of the North constructed by Soviet engineers and writers», «Captain Ponomarev», «The Era of the Steamboats»), two collected papers («Polar Readings – 2016» and «Polar Readings – 2017»); more than 20 articles were published.


Titberiya Oleg Ilikovich, Direktor

Dr. Pavel Filin, Deputy Director

Boris Mashenkin, Head of the Expeditionary Center

Dr. Margarita Emelina, Leading Researcher

Dr. Mikhail Savinov, Leading Researcher



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